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Hot Sale Watches
Hot Sale Watches
These watches below are asked by customer frequently during 2021-2024, Many people choose to custom watches with some modifications as their own special inspiration, the styles are classic watches for men. Choose one to start your own brand of men watches!
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  • CMW-8006 Mens Watches Sports Mechanical Style Custom Logo
  • CMW-8006 Mens Watches Sports Mechanical Style Custom Logo
  • CMW-8006 Mens Watches Sports Mechanical Style Custom Logo
  • CMW-8006 Mens Watches Sports Mechanical Style Custom Logo

CMW-8006 Mens Watches Sports Mechanical Style Custom Logo

  • Movement :

    Automatic Mechanical Movement, self-winding
  • Case Material :

    316L Stainless steel
  • Band Material :

    Fluorine rubber
  • Case Diameter :

  • Waterproof :

  • Service :

Description Specs & Size Your Brand Question & Answers

Product Overviews



Company Overviews

Custom size: 42mm*50mm(1.65in*1.96in)


Custom material: 304/ 316stainless steel, alloy


Custom band material: 304/ 316stainless steel, alloy, genuine leather, fluorine rubber


Custom waterresistant: 3atm, 5atm, 10atm


Custom movement: unacceptable, but accept making the logo on automatic movement and customized colors


Custom logo: self-owned brand acceptable







How to Custom Your Brand?


The work you have to do yourself.

  1. Determine your market positioning, where is your watch market, and customized high-end or economic-end watch models.
  2. Select the style, according to the market positioning, and select the market demand for the watch style.
  3. Your sales channel, plan online sales or offline sales.

The above is to help you build the foundation of the watch brand. The following work is what we have to finish together.


1-  Confirm custom watches ideas.

We discuss and confirm your personalised watch's logo, and appearance. For example the case, watch dials, hands, watch movement and strap of the watch. If you're not sure, as a professional watch manufacturer we have a designer, you just need to tell me what you think. We can turn the idea into drawings.


2-   Confirm pre-production samples.

We would love to provide you with the samples to check every detail of the watch we have talked about.


3-   Start mass production.

According to the style of your watch, the production time is about 40-65 working days. We will continue to follow up with you during the production process to ensure that there is no mistake.

After the production is completed, we have a special quality inspection team to check the quality and waterproof test.

QC workers examine accessories one by one. We will focus on checking the accessories for function, paint loss, poor plating, poor quality materials, etc. First, make sure that every accessory is intact and usable.

Assembly to finished products. Function testing, includes the hands moving accuracy, date function no mistake, no waterproof issues, etc;  After testing for more than 24 hours, we will assemble and deliver the goods for you.


4-   After sales.

The warranty is 18 months after shipment. If any customers make quality complaints, we'll forward them to our service team immediately. They will report directly to our factory manager. Usually, we will hold a meeting with the production, purchasing, and packaging departments within 24 hours, and respond in 48 hours with feedback and solutions.



What value-added services you can get from us?

  1. Professional product improvements and suggestions for .
  2. Industry experience and market analysis.
  3. 100% quality inspection service for s.
  4. Provide professional advice on transportation and the lowest transportation cost plan.
  5. Real-time logistics tracking.
  6. Timely after-sales service; the after-sales service of the person in charge, If there is a dispute to be dealt with, our philosophy is that we would rather lose some money than lose a good customer.
  7. Free 2D drawing.
  8. Free new collection sample.
  9. Free sample accessories of for checking the quality.
  10. The idea of nonstop efforts to make customer’s business easier!


About MOQ

Q: What is your MOQ?

A: Our MOQ is 500pcs.


Q: MOQ 500pcs is per style or per order?

A: It’s for one mold. Like you can choose 3-4 colors amount 500 pcs. 


Q: Is it possible to first make a trial small batch?

A: I hope so, but for custom watches, especially for metal products, almost more than 98% need to be made in a mold to finish it. So there is a limited quantity request.


Q: Is there a possibility to mix and match styles within the MOQ?

A: Yes, we can do that. We can do more colors or more different dials to make it possible.



About Price:

Q: What is your best price? 

A: It depends on the quantity and the watch style, different quantities and styles affect the price. 


Q: How much will it be if I purchase samples with my brand? 

A: Commonly our sample cost is from $100-$2000, the accurate price depends on the design you choose. The brand logo doesn’t affect the price a lot, except for every special 3D logo, etc.


Q: Can you give me a discount on this product? 

A: The prices we quote you are calculated very carefully and strictly, we would love to apply some discount if you have some quantity increased, etc. 


Q: What’s the product price with certificate CE or Rohs? 

A: Our products can pass the CE and Rohs certification’s standard, If you need it, there is an extra cost. Commonly the third party who is working on the certifications charges $300-$500 for each SKU. If your watch has a lot of different SKUs, that's a big cost.


Q: What do you need for quoting me the price? 

A: If you don’t have many details about the watch at the beginning, the simple way that you can send me a picture, tell me your market and the platform you will use for selling, I can figure out a price for you.



About Sample:

Q: Can I order a sample?

A: Yes, you can. 


Q: How long does it take to make samples?

A: Our lead time for the sample is from 45-65 working days. It depends on the styles. A simple watch needs a shorter time.


Q: What is the cost if I order a sample?

A: Our sample cost is from $100-$2000, the accurate price depends on the design you make. 


Q: How many samples can you provide?

A: We can provide 1-3pcs. 


Q: How much is the shipping cost of samples?

A: The international cost for the sample is around $30-$80, it depends on a different area, but it is the only shipping cost for your reference.


Q: How long will it take to receive the samples?

 A:3-7 working days. 


Q: Do you refund the sample cost when we place an order?

A: Once the quantity reaches 500pcs of one order, the sample cost can be refunded. No worries!


Q: $500 of the sample fee? Even the watch without a custom logo, why is so expensive? 

A: The big cost of the sample is the metal parts. Like making molds for them, including( case, dials, hands, back case, when it is a metal strap, we have to make a mold for the strap) Actually, the Logo doesn’t cost too much, except needing to make a mold for the logo. 



About Bulk Order: 

Q: Could I add a logo to this watch?

A: Yes, sure! 


Q: What is the warranty?

A: Our common warranty is 12-18 months. 


Q: How long does it take to manufacture my products? /What is the production lead time?

A: Our lead time for mass production is from 45-65 days. Simple designs only cost 45 working days, some difficult designs cost more days, around 65 working days.


Q: Are they waterproof?

A: Yes, we make sure they are waterproof before shipment. Each watch is tested for more than 24 hours.


Q: What is the battery life?

A: It is 12-36 months, but it depends on which movement we use. Like some batteries can last 5 years. 


Q: Do you have a designer to draw the new watch as we want?

A: Yes, we do. We can make a drawing before production for checking again.


Q: If for any reason I'm not satisfied with the product, can I return the product for a full refund? 

A: Yes, I think so. If the quantity is caused by us. I think we can do this.


Q: Do you have different straps to offer?

A: Yes, we do have. I can figure out the right designs you want immediately If you can provide me with your rough ideas, 



About Shipping & Package

Q: Do you provide a gift box?

A: Yes, we do. We can customize watch boxes with your logo as well.


Q: What types of packages do you normally use for this product? 

A: If there is no gift watch box for your watch, the common package is opp bag+buble bag( for protecting the watches) then we package them in a white box. 


Q: What is the cost of this product per unit including shipping via DHL or UPS?

A: Hmm, It depends on the weight and season. The prices are a bit different in different seasons. It’s better to check it when the watches are ready.


Q: Can watch and watch boxes be transported separately? 

A: Yes, we can send them as your request. But for saving shipping, I suggest we can package the watches into the gift box. 


More questions, please check the QA page!


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