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OEM timepiece manufacturer in Shenzhen, China.
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Detailed scheme of customized mechanical watch


Many watch brands need to customize mechanical watches, but what is the plan for customizing mechanical watches? There are many people who don't know it, especially friends who are new to the watch industry. So what is the process of customizing a watch?


Next, we listed 7 detailed plans for custom mechanical watch strap logos, which are divided into movement, case, dial, pointer, crown, mirror, strap, and buckle, which basically constitute a complete The design links required by the watch can be customized and assembled into the desired watch style.

Detailed scheme of customized mechanical watch

1. Watch Movement

The movement part of a mechanical watch is the easiest OEM customization of a mechanical watch because there are too many general-purpose movements, which are very good in terms of function, quality, and stability. Common general-purpose mechanical watch movements range from tens of thousands to thousands, and you can choose them according to your actual needs.

2. Watch case

This is the most complicated part of watch customization. All hardware devices should be packaged according to the case. You can choose the case, size, and thickness according to the movement. At the same time, watchmakers can offer their clients a degree of water resistance.

3. Watch dial

The first impression of a watch is the style, color, and function of the dial. It can be designed and customized for the movement.


4. Watch mirror

Due to the high cost, sapphire, faux jewelry, and glass can be manufactured, and there are not many custom materials to choose from.

5. Watch crown

This detail is well-designed, and the grade of the watch will be greatly improved. At this point, we are striving for excellence.

6. Watch strap buckle

The strap and clasp must match. The strap is basically ready-made, the size is suitable, the case can be connected stably, and the operability is sufficient. Buckle styles can be customized according to your needs.

7. Watch pointer

Relatively speaking, it is the smallest component that can be manipulated. Style, thickness, arrows, and luminosity can all be customized.
Finally, if your OEM customized mechanical watch also needs functions such as sun phase, moon phase, calendar, day of the week, and small third hand, just select the corresponding movement dial. We have a variety of styles and services, and as long as you need we can meet.

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