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Tips: What to do if the watch gets water?


Is your watch waterproof? Maybe you will say, of course, there is, and now the technology is so advanced, any watch has a waterproof function. But you know what? The fact that the watch is waterproof does not mean that the watch is not afraid of water at all. As a watch manufacturer, here we share some tips on how to deal with water in the watch so that the problem of water ingress of the watch can be solved in time.


A watch with a life waterproof function is generally not a problem when exposed to a small amount of cold water, and the phenomenon of water seepage is also infrequent. However, taking a bath or swimming with the watch will cause water to enter the watch, which may cause a lot of water vapor to appear on the watch. If the humidity is high In a high or high-temperature environment, the watch is very prone to water mist. According to statistics, countless watches are scrapped every year due to improper water treatment. Of course, diving watches are another story.


watch manufacturer


After the watch enters the water, we first judge the degree of water ingress and then choose the appropriate treatment method. Next, we will share with you a few plans for correctly handling the water in the watch and the precautions for wearing the watch.


1. How to deal with the slight water ingress of the watch

Slight water ingress means that there is only a little water mist on the watch cover, which does not affect the normal operation of the watch.


(1) Wrapped with toilet paper/flannel, baked with a heat source

Wrap it directly with toilet paper or absorbent flannel, then bake the watch near a dry heat source (bulb, heating, electric heater, etc.) for about ten minutes, until there is no moisture inside the watch. What I want to remind everyone here is that you must not put the cover directly close to the heat source to prevent heat deformation and damage.


(2) The watch is worn backward

You can also put the watch cover inward and the bottom case outward, and put it in your hand. After waiting for a few hours, the fog will disappear naturally. Wearing it backward prevents the mist from forming water droplets on the case and immersing it in the dial and inside, causing more damage. serious damage.


(3) Dry with a hair dryer


If you have a hairdryer around you, you can also use its wind to dry it directly. Don't be impatient when you see it here. Remember, you can only use the mild cold wind to blow, otherwise, it may form a new water mist or make it dry. Deformation of the surface.


2. The treatment method of the watch is slightly serious

Slightly serious refers to the situation where you can see that water has entered the watch, but the watch can still work typically. Directly place the silica gel desiccant and the watch that has entered the water in a completely closed container, wait for about 12 hours, and then take out the watch. This method is very practical and has no difficulty in operation. It does not damage the watch. The silica gel after water absorption can be reused after drying.


3. The treatment method for serious water ingress of the watch

What are the usual manifestations of deep water in the watch? The water droplets in the watch are visible to the naked eye and may have entered the movement, affecting the normal operation of the watch. Don't operate it yourself at this time. Send the watch to a professional watch shop to check the oil and clean the water on the movement. , to avoid the rust of the parts, you must remember not to disassemble it at will, otherwise, it will be more time-consuming, expensive, and labor-intensive when you go to the watch shop to repair it, which is not cost-effective.

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