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What is the structure of a fashionable women's automatic mechanical watch?


Mechanical watch manufacturers produce different styles of watches for major brands. There are a lot of parts involved, and if there is a slight error, the fine products will become waste products, especially the automatic mechanical watches for women, which are not only exquisite and compact but also stylish and individual. The women's consumer market is huge, and watch brands have a greater demand for fashionable women's automatic mechanical watches. If you want to make a high-quality fashion women's automatic mechanical watch, you must understand its production components' structure. As a watch manufacturer, we share here what the production structure of the fashion women's automatic mechanical watch is like.


Mechanical watch manufacturers


1. Mechanical movement

Mechanical movement is the most important part of a fashionable women's automatic mechanical watch, and the quality of the movement determines the quality of the watch. Therefore, if you want to produce a fine watch with accurate travel time, choosing a high-quality movement is the most important factor in the product. Mechanical watch manufacturers recommend customers choose mechanical self-winding movements, because the product failure rate is only 5‰, and the daily error is relatively stable within ±15 seconds. The domestic automatic mechanical movement has a product failure rate of 7‰ and a daily error of ±30 seconds.


2. Mechanical case

At present, the cases on the market mainly include alloy cases, copper cases, steel cases, and tungsten steel cases. The processing characteristics are:


(1) Alloy shell

The processing technology is simple, the production cycle is short, the production volume is large, and the price is low. It has developed rapidly in recent years. However, due to its shortcomings in waterproof, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant, it is rarely used in large-scale celebrations and is often used in promotional activities such as beer and beverages. Belong to low-end watches.


(2) Copper shell

The copper shell has the advantages of easy processing, beautiful appearance, good waterproof performance, surface wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. Used by many manufacturers. Belong to high-end watches.


(3) Steel shell

The processing is complex, the output is small, and the price is high. It has higher performance than alloy cases and copper cases and is often used in high-end electronic watches and mechanical or mechanical self-winding watches.


(4) Tungsten steel shell

It is difficult to process and not easy to wear. It is equipped with a sapphire watch, a Japanese movement, and a tungsten steel strap. This casing is generally used in high-end fashion women's automatic mechanical watches.


Mechanical watch manufacturers


3. Strap

The straps are divided into ceramic straps, metal straps (tungsten-titanium alloy straps, solid steel straps, solid copper straps, solid powder metallurgy steel straps, steel straps, steel wire woven straps, etc.), belts, and nylon woven straps strap. The choice of the strap should generally match the case. When choosing what material, what kind of strap should be selected?


4. Dial

The dial material is usually copper, aluminum, paper, etc. For watches, the design of the dial is also important. Mechanical watch manufacturers refer to the dial as the "disk face", which is as important as the face. Using dials with different patterns and materials in the same case can achieve different effects.


5. Back cover

The function of the back cover is to fix the movement of the fashionable women's automatic mechanical watch, which is dustproof and waterproof. Mainly made of stainless steel. Letters and patterns can be etched on the back, and there are generally 3 ways to assemble the case.


(1) Pushing open the cover plate and directly installing it into the shell has the advantages of low processing and production cost but poor waterproofness.

(2) The advantage of screwing in the upper cover shell and the back cover with ribbing and screwing in the sample is that the waterproofness is strong, but the cost is definitely higher.

(3) The rose bottom case and the back cover are fixed with roses, which are more common in the square fashion women's automatic mechanical watch case, and the advantage is that it is durable and waterproof.


6. Pointer and crown


The pointer is an important part of the time display. Except in special cases, there are generally three kinds of hands: the hour hand, minute hand, and second hand. For example, ultra-thin watches generally only have an hour and minute hands, and the second hand can be selected according to the movement. The crown is an important part of adjusting the hour hand (time) and date (calendar), mainly manually. Usually, copper and electroplating or stainless steel are used.


With the development of modern technology, new manufacturing technologies for mechanical watch manufacturers continue to emerge, and customized production technologies for mechanical watches are also emerging one after another. I believe we can meet your customized watch needs.

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