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Common reasons of the watch travel time error

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Watch travel error becoming bigger suddenly is the problem that watch wearer often encounters. There are several simple reasons to identify and handle


Not enough power. If the quartz watch is suddenly found to go slow, it is likely to be caused by insufficient battery energy. You can send the watch to the maintenance point to testing the voltage of batteries


Lack of power storage. You need to check whether the power is sufficient. For automatic watch, the small amount of exercise may also cause lack of power storage. You can manually add the power of the way the chain, and then observe whether there is continue phenomenon of speed.


Watch by magnetic. There are parts in the watch called gossamer, this thing is most afraid of the magnetic field, the watch near the magnet, the gossamer will be magnetized. Gossamer is magnetized, the gossamer will be bonded, ranging from the accuracy of the image of the watch, while the pendulum. Watch gossamer was magnetized, to find the master of the devil with demagnetization instrument, the watch can return to normal.


Need to be maintained. Movement of the lack of oil or internal parts wear and tear aging may cause problems, need to be sent to the designated maintenance point for maintenance services.


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