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Utral thin quartz watch for time---The pledge of love

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From Switzerland's Romago Swiss brand, realizing the deep affection between lovers, the introduction of ultra-thin series of quartz watches for you to create romantic warmth, interpretation of perfect love.


Ultra thin quartz watch on the fine steel plated rose gold, to create a sense of overall hierarchy, elegant and elegant design to show elegant, noble texture, so that people at the moment. Soft and comfortable leather strap with double layer pressing process to increase its wear resistance. It is equipped with ultra thin 6mm Round dial combination. The lady watches studded with SWAROVSKI crystals flashing moving luster, like the guardian of the general around the dial, plus metal watchcase Youjuan texture make it more dazzling, the atmosphere of luxury without losing simplicity!


Elegant design meaningful and precise reading, pleasing to the eye but there is no lack of practical; classical style from the trend is limited, suitable for different occasions, with easy to attend various day or formal dinners are preferred. In this moment of deep love, and love together ten in time to witness each other's affection commitment.

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