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The first time will never be forgotten

In life, everybody are experiencing all kinds of first time from birth, the first time to school, the time to work after graduated, the first time falling into love, the first gift from boyfriend or girlfriend... Every first time we won’t forget in all our life. As young people, what is your first gift from your girlfriend or boyfriend ? perhaps it is a book, a bunch of flowers, a box of chocolate, jewelry or a gift watch.

gift watch

Girls always take the love on the important position and like to send boyfriend a precious present, the first choice always is wrist watch, I remember my friend in order to buy one satisfied watch she asked one abroad friend to help her to buy. Nowadays, it is very convenient to buy anything through website, we can buy what we want from all over the world. Recently a lot of new brands of watch occupied a big market. The most popular brand we can say is Daniel Wellington, at the beginning they only sell their watches through online, firstly some famous people and stars start to wear this brand of watch, and then a lot of people were attracted by it’s simple and generous appearance, recent these years a lot of young people wearing this brand watch, it is very popular.

nylon watch

It is rather a good luck that I am working at a watch factory and as sales I love the product, it is not a normal product, i feel it has life, it is elegant, fashion and hit trends. It is a quite enjoyable matter to discuss with client about the watch design, once client said the watch is pretty, fantastic, good job, I feel a great achievability. Each watch, like my child, from design and looked at them come true, looked them launch in market, looked them popular....


Even I have been in this field many years, I still love it as beginning and feel full of enthusiasm.

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