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Kickstarter Watch Project

I  joined Giant watch company this  year,  and  my first  order  was from  an Australian  customer  for  the kickstarter watch project. We received the 1st inquiry on 27th Feb,  2017,  and we counter - offered  on  the prices under the  specific design with all kinds of specification.  After 3 days,  we confirmed the sample and bulk price under Sellita SW260-1 movement, genuine alligator strap, 316L stainless steel. And my customer settled the payment on 30th Feb. The process from  the 1st inquiry to the payment settled took only 3 days. You know, I was pretty excited at that time.

kickstarter watch project

When we received the payment, we started to confirm the every detail  with our customer: case   design, dial, hands, crown, strap , buckle, logo and words design on the watch... All  the  details  confirmation took quite a few days, since we would have to confirm all the watch details one by one before production. Then we made  the  drawings  for our  customer checking.  But  all  the  production  details a nd  drawings  were confirmed  till  to 15th  April,  because of the back and forth change and revision from customer, to perfect the watch design for each part.

   On 16th April,  we  past  the  order information  to our  factory to arrange production. For the watch, the main parts are the case, dial,  strap, which will  take  a long  time for production. Here i would like to share the sample making process.

On 12th May, we finished the dial and we checked it carefully to see if all the details were following our customer’s requirement. The answer was yes. So we took photos for our customer’s checking, and they were  very  happy  with  what  we  had  done,  which  was  under  our  expectation actually.  But  when  we assembled the dial to the case which was finished on 26th May, we were quite surprised to be advised that they  were  not  quite  satisfied  with  the  whole  appearance.  They  thought  the  flat dial might be more matching with the case than the curved dial, so they strongly requested us to re-make the dial and then to see whether the flat one or the curved one will be  more perfect. Then we informed our factory  of making the extra flat dial in vertical brushed finishing, which was ready on 15th June. Finally they chose the new flat dial.

timg (1).jpg

   On 26th May, the case was finished. To be honest, the case was pretty nice, especially the beautiful glossy finishing  made  the watch in high luxury.  We took pictures from all angles and sent them to our customer for reviewing.  They  were  satisfied  with  it,  except  the words between the case lug. They requested us to remove the words to the case back, since the actual appearance  of the  words  on  the  case  was not what they thought. To meet their requirement, we polished all the case to remove all the words, and then etched the words on the case back. On 10th June, the new case and  case  back  were finished. And at last,  we  got the approval from our customer.

   When the crown was assembled to the watch, we found that the crown did not match with the case very well. Since there were 2 steps on the original crown  design, and the inner  step can be seen  from outside, which made the whole appearance not nice.  We reported  it  to our customer  and they felt the same way. Then we informed our factory of  CNC  the crown to remove the inner step to make it more thinner, much more matching with the case.

   For the hands, normally we will find the similar hands in  the  current  stock  to  match the design,  since creating  the  hand model  is  very expensive (3 hands mean 3 models) and actually the hands  of  current stock are sufficient for all types of hand designs. But our customer’s hands design was very very special, so we had to create the hands models to customize, and we make the blue color by heating.


   For the strap, we spent a lot of time in getting the right color and alligator pattern. Since as you know, it is kind of hard to get the right color in sample status ( For strap sample, we normally will find the existing leather color to match the required color to avoid the high wastage of dying  a whole  piece  of leather to just get one leather strap). For the genuine alligator pattern, it will be quite different  even  in  the  same completed leather ( The pattern on the alligator belly will be larger and nicer than the limbs). We followed the required color and alligator pattern to source many  times in the  leather market, and finally we found the best matchable leather to make the strap sample, even the wastage was very high since we had to buy the large leather to make one strap sample only.

   The whole completed watch sample was finished and assembled on 16tH June. We took the short video from all directions and showed to our customers. Honestly, i was  a bit nervous, even though  the sample was nice and was made under all the requirements of our customer, since i was afraid to be told that they would need the another change. Finally, they accepted  the sample. You can’t imagine how happy  i was when i see “Approval”!!!

timg (2).jpg

   Today when i review this project and all the sample making processes, the sample taking such a long time ( almost 4 months) is due to the back and forth changing and correction  during production, and  the  sample re-making  after the  1st round   sample  was finished.  Actually  we  had  the  reason  to say no of re-making  the  sample,  since  we confirmed the watch details beforehand to customize the watch. But  the  question is “should we”.  The watch  is  an artwork actually. The back and forth changing is quite reasonable, since you will never know what the  actual  watch will be until   it  is  finished.  Design  is one  thing,  the  actual  watch is  another  thing.  What’s  more,  following  our customers’  instruction  of  making  the  watch  they  require is our company’s  responsibility and this  is  what  OEM means.  For our  customers,  they  focus   on  the  designs  and  marketing, and we, as the watch manufacturer, will provide  the  most  professional  OEM  watch   manufacturing   service  to  help   them   achieve   their  designs    in manufacturing  and  to  be  their  strong backup. Only  both  of us are  working  together, can we present the perfect watch to the consumers and the market.

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