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OEM timepiece manufacturer in Shenzhen, China.
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Custom watch: Inspection should pay attention to 4 aspects


Now that China's watchmaking technology is improving, consumers' recognition of mechanical watches produced in China has deepened, and there are many options when buying mechanical watches. In order to ensure the reputation and quality of brand products, custom watch inspections have changed. It is very important, so how to inspect the custom watch?


1. Selection of watch materials

Custom watches are available in a variety of materials, each with a different price tag. If you don't know the material, you need to determine the material when checking a mechanical watch. Watch manufacturers usually produce according to the materials you specify. If you do not specify materials, watch manufacturers may use more expensive materials, which will greatly increase the cost of custom watches. Therefore, when you inspect the goods, check whether the watch material is made according to your designation.

2. Check the surface polishing of the watch

All watchmaking requires polishing. Without the polish, the dial looks rough, no different from a street stall. Therefore, in order to customize a high-quality watch, you must first understand the production and manufacturing conditions of the watch manufacturer to see if the watch has been finely polished.

Custom watch: Inspection should pay attention to 4 aspects

3. Watch the manufacturing process

The high-quality watches and dials are made with very good craftsmanship, the space of each era is very accurate, each pattern is not bent, and the carving is very fine.


4. The technical experience of the watchmaker

The movement of the watch is very compact and precise. It is usually assembled and produced by experienced watchmakers. Do not believe in mass mechanized production. If it is a quartz movement, there is no problem. With mechanical movement, mechanized quality production will not be very good. Swiss movements are known for their extensive watchmaker experience and pursuit of perfection in any movement. Therefore, to make a good watch, the technical experience of the watchmaker is significant.

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