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The Difference Between Custom Watches and Wholesale Watches


Many friends who are in the watch business will encounter the problem of whether to find a factory-made watch or directly find a store for wholesale watches. Before making a decision, you need to find out what is the difference between a watch manufacturer's customization and a watch store's wholesale watch. As a watch factory, we summarize the differences between the two in detail, hoping to help you.


What are the specific differences between custom watches and wholesale watches?

First, let's get to know watch manufacturers' custom watches. Custom watches are customizable to a company's style and brand. Since the customized watches of enterprises need to have their own brand-differentiated products, which cannot be the same or very similar to others, customized watches are the best choice. Several key components are involved in the production of a custom watch, such as the case, dial, hands, strap, buckle, and movement. Second, in the subdivision, each fitting is done by many different factories. For example, the factories that work with the case factory to complete the case are:
1. Table embryo factory - rough embryo production

2. Watch mirror factory - manufacture of watch mirrors

3. The factory of the handle - the manufacture of the handle and the handle (for the selection of the crown and timing mechanism)

4. Waterproof ring factory - the mirror is connected to the case, the bar is connected to the case, and the back cover is connected to the waterproof ring of the case

5. Ceramic factory - diving watch lap

6. Etching Factory - Ceramic chronographs use laser engraving (usually the engraving on the case back is also laser etched)

7. Oil filling and injection factory - filling the timing circle with luminous

8. Bottom cover factory - manufacturing bottom cover

9. Watch assembly factory - precision assembly of customized watch parts, testing, quality inspection, packaging, and shipment.

Likewise, other accessories (dials, hands, straps, clasps) are also completed in the watch assembly factory. About 20 supplier factories work together in the manufacture of custom watches. Of all the watch brands in the world, few watch brands can complete all the above processes independently, because the manufacture of watches requires the cooperation of many factories.


The Difference Between Custom Watches and Wholesale Watches

What is the difference between wholesale watches and custom watches?

The difference between wholesale watches and factory custom watches is the difference in price, style, and time:
1. Style - As mentioned earlier, looking for factory-made watches can make watch styles with brand characteristics, while wholesale watches are already formed watches, and watch parts cannot be customized on a large scale.

2. Price - The price of factory-customized watches can be effective from the source and control the price cost range. The manufacturing cost is the manufacturing material and production process you want to choose. The purchase cost of wholesale watches is fixed, and the purchase price is only when the quantity is large. A small discount can be given.

3. Time - wholesale watches are not without advantages. Wholesale watches have obvious advantages in the delivery time cycle. Since they are ready-made watches, they do not need to be produced. As long as the payment is settled, the delivery can be arranged immediately, as fast as 3 days. You can get the goods. And factory custom watches need to go through the links of design, raw material procurement, production, packaging, and shipping, so the delivery time will be longer. Even if the shipping speed is 3 times faster than that of the peer watch factory, it will take about 35 days to complete the large-scale customization.

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