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Watch Manufacturers: Customized requirements for each watch part


Many watch brands are looking for watch manufacturers to customize the watch source they need. The production of each watch part may come from different factories or departments. To customize them one by one, it is necessary to understand the customization requirements of each component. What are the main points and production cycle of each watch production customization?


1. Watch Movement

Watch movements can be divided into mechanical watch movements, quartz watch movements, and smartwatch movements. If you are manufacturing mechanical watches to reduce customer costs, watch manufacturers recommend purchasing Swiss mass-produced movements. If you are on a tight budget, you can consider Chinese movements, which are also very cost-effective.


Watch Manufacturers: Customized requirements for each watch part

2. There are literally many surfaces, crafts, and materials

We have the expertise and production skills to do it. There are also meteorites, sandstone, jade, stones, and other materials. The surface design allows you to design the style you want according to your ideas.

3. Watch hands

Clock hands can be made of unique materials. The most common are steel, copper, and aluminum, some are made of platinum and silver. Watch manufacturers generally recommend the production of steel, especially the baked blue needle has a deep and beautiful color, which is unparalleled in electroplating, and the hand-shaped design does not destroy the balance of the hand, but it can be customized according to the customer's ideas.

4. Case

The case can be designed according to your idea. There are many kinds of case materials, the most common is steel, which is divided into 304/316/904/Damascus steel, the best is Damascus steel, with unique patterns. There are other materials for customers to choose from, such as ceramics, tungsten steel, carbon fiber, aluminum, titanium, titanium alloy, copper, alloy, wood, jade, and gold, let you know the characteristics of the world first. CNC machining is the mainstream of processing watch cases, but it mainly depends on whether the workpiece can be polished. However, because CNC cannot process some materials, mold opening is required, and the cost of mold opening is high.

5. Strap

There are a variety of strap materials, including leather straps, steel straps, ceramic straps, tungsten steel straps, wood straps, and carbon fiber straps. The design of the strap should match the design of the strap. Material collocation, dress collocation, beautiful design collocation.

6. Other accessories such as mirrors, sapphire material, and bottom covers are generally made of steel. Considering the waterproof requirements, steel is recommended.

7. Watch gift box: Good products need good packaging. The gift box material is constantly changing, there is a lot of workmanship, and there is also a lot of design inspiration. This is very broad and depends on the needs of the client.

In the shipping cycle of watch manufacturers, watch production is from communication - design - drawing - sample - production to final delivery. This process is very long and requires a production cycle of 15-35 days, so in order not to affect your later marketing plan, it is best to schedule the receipt of goods for two months.

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