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How to start and market your own watch brand?


If you love watches, are you planning to start your own watch brand? The competition in the watch market is fierce, and the products on the market are seriously homogenized. Most watch companies do not understand Internet thinking. How do you market your own brand? With the popularity of the Internet, more and more consumers attach importance to watch brands, and watch companies with low brand awareness or no-name brands can only watch their peers grow and envy them. Today we are going to discuss how to start and market your own watch brand.


How to start and market your own watch brand?


1. Brand positioning

Brand positioning is directly related to the promotion effect, so the positioning of the brand should be accurate. The brand positioning of watch suppliers can be combined with their own current situation, advantages, development prospects, market conditions, audience groups, etc., so as to carry out targeted marketing and promotion for the following brands.


2. Building brand value

After the brand positioning is done, it is necessary to give the brand a name. In addition to setting the watch brand name, it is also necessary to set the brand logo, slogan, and their respective interpretations, and improve the brand culture and brand story.


3. Form the content

After the brand value is shaped, it is necessary to consider how to display the value of the corporate brand to the outside world. The current common display methods include graphics, video, audio, pictures, etc. No matter which method is adopted, it is necessary for watch suppliers to integrate corporate resources, have an in-depth understanding of watch products, and conduct an in-depth analysis of competing products. The content of external publicity should be authentic, effective, valuable, and able to meet the needs of consumers.


How to start and market your own watch brand?


4. Promotion method

Enterprise brand promotion is to use various channels and methods to publicize enterprise brand information. There are many current brand promotion methods, which are generally divided into online and offline. Here Xu Guoxiang will not talk about offline brand promotion. Below are the common methods of corporate branding on the Internet.


(1) Promotion of the Q&A platform

This brand promotion method is very simple. It can publish Q&A content based on the relevant long-tail keywords that customers often search for on the Internet. When answering the answer, the brand keywords can be cleverly introduced, so that consumers in need can find and use the brand keywords. to contact you.


(2) News Feed Promotion


Analyze the needs of users, write corresponding publicity articles on major well-known news media websites, and let more people know about your brand through the special status of the platform on the Internet. In addition, the information on news media websites is the priority of major search engines for inclusion. Brand promotion articles published on news media websites are included in major search engines, which further promotes corporate brand promotion and improves corporate brand awareness and long tail. keyword ranking. Make it easier for users in need to find businesses.


The competition of today's enterprises has shifted from the competition of product quality and service to the competition between higher-level brands. If the watch factory does not do a good job in brand promotion, it will be a matter of time before it will be eliminated from the market. Moreover, the establishment of a watch factory brand is not achieved overnight. It takes a long period of accumulation to establish a good corporate brand image.

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