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Introduction of automatic mechanical watch movement


The automatic mechanical movement watch is an automatic winding watch. It uses the power generated by the swing of the automatic disc at the bottom of the movement to drive the spring to generate energy. The thickness of the watch itself will be thicker than that of the general manual winding watch.


automatic mechanical watch manufacturers


The average mechanical watch has a spiral. When one winds a watch, the helix is ​​also wound at the same time. When the spiral is loosened, it begins to drive the movement of the watch movement.

The automatic mechanical watch movement is based on the general manual winding watch plus an automatic component: an automatic tourbillon and automatic wheel. The mainspring can be wound by turning the automatic rotor in any direction.


Automatic mechanical watches produced by automatic mechanical watch manufacturers are generally in a stopped state when they come out of the closet. After customers receive the watch, they first need to wind up the watch fully (rotate the crown clockwise 25 times), and then as long as you wear it for enough time every day, the automatic watch will be fully wound. The rotor can supply energy to the mainspring so that the automatic watch can run normally.


Generally, a fully automatic mechanical watch should be worn on the hand for more than 8 hours a day to make up the energy of the clockwork, but it is not absolute. It is recommended to wear a watch on holidays, as long as it is worn on the hand to continuously replenish the energy of the clockwork, the watch will not stop. It is common for people who work in the office, and the watch often stops and goes. In addition to the reason for the movement, it is because the wearer's exercise is insufficient and cannot replenish enough energy in the mainspring. If this is the reason, you can use the hand to dial the hair. method to compensate.


automatic mechanical watch manufacturers


Manufacturers of automatic mechanical watches believe that automatic watches use as little hand-winding as possible, because to wind the spring by hand, the handle needs to drive many automatic wheels to rotate together, and the automatic parts are very easy to wear and tear, causing customers to increase unnecessary maintenance costs.


The allowable error range of mechanical watches is ±30 seconds/day. The average error range of movements certified by the Observatory is between -4 seconds and +6 seconds/day. The specific error depends on the movement used in the watch, not according to The higher the price, the smaller the error. The power source of the automatic mechanical watch is that the swing of the wearer's wrist generates energy to wind the mainspring. A fully wound automatic mechanical watch can run for about 36 hours: if it is guaranteed to be worn normally every day, it can run for about 15 hours. If the watch is not worn for more than the above time or the swing is insufficient (the wearer does not exercise enough), the watch will stop running. The watch should be fully wound before wearing it again.

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